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Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue (HRAR)

A New Way to Support HRAR!

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PHASE 1, Our Current Goal:

We will:

  • Purchase or rent an 1,800-2,600 Sq. Ft. building
  • Setup temporary housing areas for small animals
  • Hold educational classes: mindfulness, yoga, dog training, socialization for puppies, teach TNR, other animal care, etc.
  • Hold meet-&-greets for animals & potential fosters or adopters.
  • Provide on-site vet tech and animal care area
  • On-site Grooming (if room)
  • Maintain an outside animal run and/or gated play areas
Constant Contact impage of house

Donate Now!

Zeffy helps non-profits retain more of the money donated by reducing transaction fees. Outside of writing us a check or donating cash, we prefer donors to go through their services.

Our Vision for the Future


Help Animals in Need

Every year over 1 million animals are euthanized. Others suffer needlessly in inhumane conditions. Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue gives abandoned, unwanted or older pets, and animals in need of shelter- dogs, cats, and other animals- a permanent, loving home.


Reflect, Reconnect, Revitalize

Harmony offers our human visitors – individuals, couples, families and groups – the opportunity to reflect, reconnect, revitalize and rejuvenate through activities for the mind, body and soul, including a variety of classes (meditation, yoga, cooking and gardening, for example), outdoor and seasonal activities. Whether visitors stay for a day, weekend, week or longer, they can (but are never required) to participate in activities available on the retreat grounds.


Help Us Help Others

Harmony will raise funds for rescue efforts, animal care, and grants for visitors, through events, appeals, and other fundraisers. We will ask (but not require) visitors to make donations.

Visitors who are able will pay for their stay at Harmony; those that cannot may apply for a full or partial grant or scholarship (as determined by an application process) from a fund set aside to help people in need.

There Are Many Ways to Get Involved!

There are so many ways to join Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue (HRAR).  Support can look different depending on what you want to do!  Showing up to events, volunteering, getting involved on our board, or even donating are a few examples.  Our support page has much more information on ways you can get involved!  Click the button to read more.