About Us

Our Story

People and animals need one another.  We feel better, have more energy, and are more caring when we interact with animals. At the same time, so many animals need our help.  It's this understanding that led our founder, Judy Dyke, to imagine this unique vision of a dual purpose, non-profit organization. At Harmony, we're helping people and animals at the same time.

We have been providing adoption and foster placement services, consulting on animal care and services, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment (text Volunteer to 844-407-3743).

Imagine a place where everyone was treated with kindness and respect because every life is important. Imagine a place where a person's wellbeing is elevated by meaningful connections with nature and animals. And what if this place fostered an educational environment - vital to improving the relationship between animals, people, and nature.

Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue is visualizing such a place and raising funds for our mission – Which is to cultivate a harmonious and nurturing sanctuary for animals while enhancing people’s lives through educational interactions with animals, nature, and one another.

Harmony plans to start Phase I of our endeavor in the next 6-8 months., which is opening an adoption center for small animals, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs…. This will be in conjunction with either and/or a store or small café and hoping to have an area to have meetings and events.  Much will depend on or where we do this and how big our space will be.