Judy Dyke

President & Founder

Judy lives in Huntingdon Valley, PA.  She is married to Robert Dyke and has two sons, Eric and Carl.  Judy has a BS in Education and is a certified dog trainer.  Judy is also the Founder and President of the Women of Willow Grove, a not-for-profit organization. Currently she manages the group and an Artisan Collective at the Willow Grove Park Mall.

“My passion for animals, providing the best care for them has moved me to start a nonprofit rescue/sanctuary. A place where creatures of this earth can find a safe life, live out their life or find a loving family that wants to take them home. I also love to help people connect with other people and find joy in their lives, therefore creating the retreat part of my dream. The retreat will be a place where one person; a person and child or friend; or an entire family can come to rejuvenate and find purpose – to have a symbiotic relationship with nature and animals. My vision is very big, but my heart is even bigger!”

Eric Dyke

Vice President

Eric has been part of HRAR since the very first meeting held at Judy’s house in the summer of 2017. Currently serving as Vice President, he started his role with the organization as the board’s secretary.

Eric has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel. He also has four years of formal yoga training. He lives in Willow Grove with his best dog friend, Chuck.

“This organization presents an awesome opportunity to give back to others and to create something beautiful.  I have enjoyed being a part of this adventure so far and am excited to see what the future holds. I eagerly await the day we can open the doors of our retreat center!”

Joanne Beattie


Joanne Beattie is fortunate to share her home with her husband, a sweet goofy goldendoodle, a beautiful, but neurotic cat and three goldfish, whose apparent function is to entertain the dog. As a retired life coach and teacher of mindfulness and meditation Joanne knows how important it is to find ways to destress and have a sense of purpose. Being around nature and caring for animals is a great way to decompress and recharge. As Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything.”  That is why Joanne so strongly believes in Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue’s mission.

Midge Durkin


Midge lives in Ambler, PA.  She is married to Jack Durkin.  Midge has a degree from  Shippensburg University.

I have worked in the field of accounting for 32 years, the last 18 at John T. Durkin & Company. I love sports especially skiing with my entire family. During my life I have had 10 dogs including several rescues. It’s so hard to watch stories about animals in need. When I found out about Harmony I thought this would be a good opportunity to help.

Kerianne Macfarlan

Legal Advisor

Kerianne lives in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  She has a BA from the University of Pittsburgh and a JD from Widener University Delaware Law School.  She is a practicing attorney at Macfarlan Law, LLP, in Bucks County.   Kerianne also has three rescue cats!

“This is a wonderful opportunity to help animals in need and I just know that Harmony Retreat & Animal Rescue will accomplish great things!”

Bryn Bowersock

Board Member

Growing up and through adulthood, Bryn’s pets have been the center of her world. Her pet family has included dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, a turtle, a rat, and a horse of 25 years. Most recently, a rescue dog Scarlett joined the family 2 years ago.

Upon volunteering at a local shelter as a teenager, Bryn saw many abused and neglected animals. The hardest image she remembers is seeing a dog, Shasta whom she had been walking and cleaning her run for a week, lying dead on a flatbed amongst the other dogs that had been euthanized were awaiting the incinerator. This experience affected her deeply. The answer to the overpopulation of dogs and cats is not by killing them. They are innocent beings and death should not be their punishment.

 Bryn loves that Harmony Retreat and Rescue addresses this problem, and also offers the community an opportunity to be in an environment that is comforting and relaxing with lots of barks, meows, and tail wags to welcome you to your home away from home.