When Animals Get Sick

It is so difficult when our pets fall ill or grow old. When they are sick, the usual rhythm of our day is disrupted and replaced by worry and concern. Watching them feel so poorly can feel like a dagger has penetrated our soul. The bond with our animals runs deep. They are not just … Read more

Animals in Film

By Anne Feustel Most movies that have animals in prominent roles are feel-good films. Yes, there are movies like the John Wick series and Keanu that are overly violent, but overall, a movie about an animal is often a pleasant affair. That’s not to say that your basic film about animals is 100% light and fluffy. You aren’t guaranteed … Read more

Protecting Your Pup: Preventing & Treating Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a frustrating issue for both dogs and their owners. Not only do these small parasites cause skin irritation, but they can also transmit diseases. In this blog post, we’ll delve into effective methods for preventing and treating fleas and ticks in dogs. Keep your pet healthy and content with our helpful … Read more

How To Stop Dogs From Eating Poop (And Why They Do It)

We know you love your pups, with all their quirks included, but there’s little as off-putting as watching your dog devour poop, whether it’s their own or another animal’s. And, unfortunately, many of us hoomans have witnessed this behavior in our favorite four-legged friends. For some first-time dog owners, it can be downright concerning. Is … Read more


Dogs and cats, like people, become more vulnerable to the onset of age-related illnesses as they get older. Their organs, for example, gradually become less functional as they age, and the potency of their immune systems naturally declines. This is when Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome comes… What is CDS? Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is a slowly … Read more

The Basics of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a valuable type of coverage that can help us fund the care of our furry friends. Typically, the cost of this coverage is determined by the type of pet, the pet’s age, and the pet’s sex. The coverage functions very similarly to a traditional health indemnity plan, meaning that costs would be paid out of pocket up front and then a predetermined percentage of the cost would be paid back to you once the claim is settled.  

Did Somebody Make a Mess?

Pet odors in the home can come from a variety of sources. Accidents are a part of life, especially for pets that are very young or those that are advanced in years, as well as those dealing with specific health conditions. Pets also are known to mark their territory if they are showing ownership of the home or are perhaps dealing with anxiety or excitement.

TLC for Community Cats

March 28th is National Respect Your Cat Day, a day to celebrate all the hugs and snuggles with your favorite feline companion.  This March 28th, we also want to call out community cats, who also deserve love and TLC.  It’s easier than one might think to provide a safe, warm shelter for these furry friends. … Read more

Using Your Retirement Savings To Make A Difference

If you have charities you would like to support, pretax money saved in an IRA can be an ideal charitable donation. Rather than passing these assets to a beneficiary — who will likely pay taxes when the inherited IRA is distributed — you can give them to charity by taking a qualified charitable distribution (QCD). A QCD will count toward satisfying your required minimum distribution, and neither you nor the charity will have to pay income taxes.

Don’t Bully the Breed

That’s right – I said it. I love my pit bull. I am proud to say that I have been the owner, and mom of my oversized puppy, Rarrie, for the last four years. We met her when she was just four months old, when she arrived in Pennsylvania from a shelter in South Carolina.

When we arrived at the adoption event, we were there to meet a lab. You know – everyone’s favorite family dog. But when we met that particular pup, it wasn’t a good match. That dog wasn’t the picture-perfect version of that yellow lab, who is trained, obedient, loving, and playful.