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At Harmony, we believe the deepest connections blossom where kindness flourishes. That’s why we’re building a unique sanctuary: a haven for animals in need and a refuge for human compassion. Join us in Phase I as plan to open our doors to adoptable small animals, offering them a second chance at joy and fostering meaningful connections between people, animals, and nature.

Animals Needing a New Home


On Easter a stray dog was found. She was in bad shape, so she was taken in by a kind person who got her vet care. She had a double ear infection, was severely starved, definitely used for breeding, and had boils all over her body. The intent was to keep her, as she is the sweetest gal despite her rough start. But the family currently has two rescues, and one is special needs. He is epileptic and has some neurological issues. He isn’t vibing with her. He doesn’t do well with change and needs a stable environment. Our other dog is extremely submissive, so they are a great fit. Adding a third didn’t work, and despite every technique I know to introduce animals, it didn’t work. Many family issues other than the dogs does not make for a good home for Easter!

Easter is so very sweet. She loves kids and just wants to cuddle. She’s fine with cats, and seems to be okay with most dogs. She is very loved but the family would like to find a furrever home that would better suit her.

2 Cats Needing Foster or Furrever homes

Angel is a Black shorthair cat – 6 years old. And Chloe is (GETTING ADOPTED ). Both cats lived with their mom but she had to go into a nursing home and there is no family to care for them. There were 4 other cats, but they have been adopted. Who can help?

Jay – Female

Jay’s owner unexpectedly passed away in April. Jay is a purebred 8 yr old Black Lab.  She is in good health and up to date with vaccinations. She has allergies and takes allergy medicine. She also takes a daily joint supplement. She has had three TPLO surgeries and has fully recovered.It is best if she is the only dog in a home due to food aggression with other dogs. She is fairly active and is walked 3-4 miles a day. She is accustomed to having her people at home with her most of the time. She is very smart and sensitive. Her demeanor is very sweet and she wants to please. She’s a great dog and is looking for a foster or furrever home.

Otis (female)

HELP! We REALLY Need to get Otis out of the boarding facility ASAP. Otis (female) have been in a boarding situation since February and MUST get into a home before she is sent to a shelter. Otis is a 5 year old female German Shepherd/Boerboel mix. She is neutered, crate-trained and up to date on shots, may need a heartworm test and prevention. She needs someone with a lot of patience and love.

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Goldie (previously known as Princess)

Currently being fostered with Harmony, Goldie needs a furever home. Princess was my name when I came to Harmony Retreat & Animal Rescue. I did not act much like a Princess. And after my (ouch) surgery (being neutered), vaccinated, chipped, flea treated and in general shock, I was not a very nice girl. The foster family has renamed me Goldie, due to the gold on my head and my golden eyes. They say I am a really pretty girl, about 4 -5 years old. 

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