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Open Your Heart and Home

At Harmony, we believe the deepest connections blossom where kindness flourishes. That’s why we’re building a unique sanctuary: a haven for animals in need and a refuge for human compassion. Join us in Phase I as plan to open our doors to adoptable small animals, offering them a second chance at joy and fostering meaningful connections between people, animals, and nature.

Animals Needing a New Home

Goldie (previously known as Princess)

Currently being fostered with Harmony, Goldie needs a furever home. Princess was my name when I came to Harmony Retreat & Animal Rescue. I did not act much like a Princess. And after my (ouch) surgery (being neutered), vaccinated, chipped, flea treated and in general shock, I was not a very nice girl. The foster family has renamed me Goldie, due to the gold on my head and my golden eyes. They say I am a really pretty girl, about 4 -5 years old. 

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