Successful Adoptions

Successful Adoptions

Beautiful Stashie

Willow Grove’s caring neighbors called Harmony Retreat & Animal Rescue to retrieve this friendly, social purr factory when they couldn’t find her original family. At her Vet visit—she was spayed, given all her shots, wormed and chipped. Stashie has been ADOPTED and was recently placed in her beautiful FURever home!

Our Second Successful Duck Rehoming:

The Day of introduction – 10/2/22
3 Weeks after introducing the 3 Ducks to their new home. Everyone’s playing well together!

Story of Wisp and Phantom:

When I spotted a photo of these two kitties on the Harmony Retreat & Animal Rescue email, seeing how they were together brothers, I could not imagine them separating. Their closeness pulled at my heartstrings. I was a bit nervous about a rescue twosome yet took the plunge.

Judy Dyke, President of Harmony Rescue and her associate, dropped these two frightened gems at my home. Patience, I knew, would be critical at this time and for the first couple of weeks I could only find them together, always hiding somewhere. Interestingly, Wisp, (smaller), yes, a “wisp of a kitty, seemed the protector with Phantom (larger) lurking in the shadow (as his name reveals) would always be peeking out from behind his smaller brother.

Soon after, Wisp began coming out to play with toys; hiding in a paper bag; napping in the laundry basket; just having a wonderful time chasing whatever moves and finally letting me brush him and, in the morning, while having my coffee, lying next to me while purring as I pet him. Phantom is much more, as he was duly named, suspicious and illusive. He plays with Wisp and has begun meowing when I place his soft food down so I expect, maybe if I am so fortunate, Phantom will one day allow me to feel his soft fur, brush and pet him. These two are so delightful and I am grateful to Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue for coming to my rescue when I needed to love and be loved by these precious felines.

Thank you, Harmony Rescue!

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