Dogs and cats, like people, become more vulnerable to the onset of age-related illnesses as they get older. Their organs, for example, gradually become less functional as they age, and the potency of their immune systems naturally declines. This is when Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome comes… What is CDS? Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is a slowly … Read more

The Basics of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a valuable type of coverage that can help us fund the care of our furry friends. Typically, the cost of this coverage is determined by the type of pet, the pet’s age, and the pet’s sex. The coverage functions very similarly to a traditional health indemnity plan, meaning that costs would be paid out of pocket up front and then a predetermined percentage of the cost would be paid back to you once the claim is settled.  

Fur Bowl

Fur Bowl Event – Fundraising for Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue & Hart2Heart Animal Rescue About this Event Enjoy a night out with your family, friends, and loved ones. We supply the bowling lanes, the shoes, and light refreshments. It is a BYOB . Plan for one session or for both. $15.00 for 7-9PM and $15 … Read more