When Animals Get Sick

When Animals Get Sick

Brown and white cat laying on a bed.

It is so difficult when our pets fall ill or grow old. When they are sick, the usual rhythm of our day is disrupted and replaced by worry and concern. Watching them feel so poorly can feel like a dagger has penetrated our soul. The bond with our animals runs deep. They are not just pets; they are companions, confidants, and cherished members.

In these moments, we become caregivers in the truest sense. We monitor their every move, administer medications with delicate precision, and seek out the best veterinary care. Our days become consumed with their needs, and our hearts are heavy with uncertainty.

As we navigate the ups and downs of caring for our sick pets, we should remember those less fortunate animals. They may not have a home and wander the streets facing illness without anyone to care for them. These animals might need to be neutered, vaccinated, tested or even treated for injuries. Costs can range vastly, and while clinics may be less costly, you cannot always get an appointment immediately. Just a visit to the clinic can be $15 and or to a vet $55 before any diagnosis or work is done of that animal! Rabies and distemper shots at a clinic start at $25.

These animals should not be a passing thought but a call to action. It can motivate us to act by volunteering, donating, or simply spreading awareness. I’m sure you’ll agree that all animals deserve to be cared for and loved, and it’s up to us to make that happen.

To that end, please donate to Harmony Animal Rescue and Retreat so we can build an animal sanctuary. Our goal is to reach $100K by the end of this year so we can put a down payment on a property to purchase or a rental big enough to include space for dogs, cats, and other small furry lives to stay until they are adopted.

The need is great; many shelters are now full, and the cost of care is high. Please support Harmony today. 

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